I am a willow basketmaker fully rooted in Angus, NE Scotland and I make strong and functional baskets for everyday use.

Colour and lines are leading features in my work. I am inspired by the meaning and memories that objects can hold within them and at the heart of my practice is a desire to make beautiful and distinctive pieces that will last for the next generation and collect their own stories over time.  

If you’d like to find out about my processes and design ideas, follow me on Instagram where I share a more in-depth view into my craft.

If you are interested in buying my work please visit my shop. My classic collection is available to pre-order throughout the year.

I also produce small batch seasonal collections containing one-off pieces. Sign up to my mailing list if you would like to receive advance notice of when these will be.


I have been making baskets for over twenty years, gaining skills in two distinct ways. I learnt primarily from individual basketmakers, attending workshops on specific baskets and techniques, absorbing tips and advice that were shared along the way.

For the last four years I have been studying basketry at Westhope College. I returned to the basics, working progressively to gain a deeper understanding of the craft.
Encouraged to explore designs through research and creating samples, I used sketchbooks to record my ideas and I rediscovered a love of straight lines and combining colours which I was then able to bring into my own work.

I received the Joy Viall award from the Basketmakers Association in 2020 for technical excellence and design.

I am a member of The Basketmakers Association, The Heritage Crafts Association, and The Scottish Basketmakers Circle